Twigg Funeral Home has been serving Guthrie Center & Panora area families for years. We are honored to be a part of the rich history of this community and plan to be a part of it for many years to come.

A little history about our funeral home. O.J. Beidelman purchased the Jennings Funeral Home in Panora in 1954 and in 1957, he expanded and opened a second funeral home in Guthrie Center. They were called Beidelman Funeral Home.

In August 2000, Doug and Kathy Twigg purchased both the Guthrie Center and Panora funeral homes. Shortly after purchasing the funeral homes, the Twigg family came together with Curtis (oldest son of Doug & Kathy Twigg) joining the business. Doug and Kathy made their home at the Guthrie Center funeral home and Curtis, Becky & their two daughters, Mathison & Morgan made their home at the funeral home in Panora.

In October 2010, Doug and Kathy's other son, Craig, joined the family business and made his home at the Guthrie Center funeral home. Around 2012-2013, Doug retired from working due to Parkinson's Disease and passed away on June 14, 2019. Kathy & Becky both help out with either helping deliver store cards in Guthrie Center and Panora or helping with visitations and funerals or answering the funeral home phones.

While we offer affordable, quality merchandise with many options, service has remained foremost. The goal of the Twigg family has always been to lighten the burdens of people when they are at their weakest and to give them the extra support they may need.

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